Karl Jentoft


Karl is an experienced real estate developer with prior background and experience in banking and education. In his 12 years of educational work, Karl helped create Capital City Public Charter School in Washington, DC and served for seven years as the Board Treasurer. Karl was appointed to the DC State Education Office Credit Enhancement Committee which oversaw the disbursement of public funds for direct loans and credit enhancements for charter school facility projects, and he was appointed to the DC Public Charter School Board which authorizes all DC public charter schools and provides oversight to 60 schools on 92 campuses. Karl currently serves on the Board of Trustees for the Friends of Choice in Urban Schools (FOCUS). Before becoming a real estate developer, Karl held senior management positions at Octopus Investments and Capital One, worked at McKinsey & Co, and served as an Intelligence Officer in the U.S. Air Force. Karl holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and International Affairs from the United States Air Force Academy and a Master of Arts in Public Management from the University of Maryland.